Hiring Information
Booking Form

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You are requested to sign the booking form having read and agreeing to abide by these conditions of hire.


1. Keys

If a hiring is outside the Stanley Palace office hours the hirer must collect and return the keys to the building, If a hired has booked for a period the keys must be returned on the last day of that period, If a further is booked the keys will be re-issued for the first date on next booking form, A deposit on the issues of keys will be required.


2. Insurance

Organisers of events may have to take out adequate public liability insurance cover, depending on the type of event, The building is very old and special care is necessary, The hirer shall indemnify the Stanley Palace and it’s trustees against any loss, damage or injury caused to the building and / or it’s fixtures and fittings or suffered by Stanley Palace, the hirer or any other person or persons and occurring during or arising out of hiring, unless caused by the negligent act or default of Stanley Palace.


3. Security whilst at Stanley Palace .

On leaving the building check all lights are switched off, all exterior doors are locked, Windows shut, Radiators turned down, the foyer door (a fire door) is shut & the front door is correctly locked, No additional lights or extensions from the existing electric light fittings shall be used without the pervious consent of the trustees of Stanley Palace.
All equipment that hirers bring to use in the building must be P.A.T. tested.
Fire Escapes are the front door and the door leading from the kitchen to the passage door that opens on to Watergate Street. The downstairs dining room also has a push bar door that opens to this passage to Watergate Street.
Hirers must provide proof that they have carried out a risk assessment on the building and also nominate a responsible person for in the evert of a fire or other emergency.


4. Cleaning / Repairs / Renewals / Re-decoration

Please leave the building in a clean & tidy condition, Replace any furniture moved, to its original position. Kitchen china must be washed and replaced in appropriate cupboards. Only non-marking adhesive should be used to put displays on the walls. If any repairs, replacements or additional cleaning or re decoration of the building or its contents are necessary as a result of hiring, the Stanley Palace will arrange accordingly and the hirer shall bear all costs.

5. Dancing

Please note dancing is restricted to the Dining Room on the ground floor only, Discos by approval only.


6. Licences

Please consult Stanley Palace regarding Alcohol the hirer must adhere to all laws & statutory regulations relating to sale & consumption of alcohol on the premises. If a hirer authorizes the delivery of goods to these premises and a signature is required at the time of delivery, no responsibility is accepted by Stanley Palace.

A Licence for Performing Rights Society is held.


7. Car Parking

Parking of cars is PROHIBITED in the courtyard of Stanley Palace except for loading & unloading upon arrival & departure.


8. Cancellations

In the event of cancellation the hiring deposit is not refundable. In addition the trustees of “Friends of Stanley Palace” reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.


9. Unforeseen Circumstances

The Trustees of “Friends of Stanley Palace” shall not be liable for any interruption to or cancellation of the hiring due to circumstances outside the control of Stanley Palace. The trustees reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time.

The Stanley Palace personnel reserve the right of access to the office at all times.


10. Payment

A Deposit is required at the time of reservation, the balance of payment on presentation of the invoice.